There is very little differentiation between most of the consumer products brands which use retail platforms for points of sale. However, the brand that sells the most, invests the most in consulting which includes strategies on marketing, advertising, pricing, product placement, target market identification, channel of distribution development etc.


Moccasin Trails

It was an honour to be tasked with helping launch their authentic First Nations tours. This in depth multi layered project was a combination of research, business development, and marketing strategy. The sharp increase in consumer demand for understanding First Nations’ history and culture made the market ripe for a tourist experience that touched the very spirit of their culture.
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Crownsmen was given a mandate by Nuggles to develop a new marketing strategy for the company and subsequently launch an integrated marketing campaign. The chief objective of the exercise was to support Nuggles in its quest to achieve omnipresence in retail. It was also hoped that in the process, Nuggles will gain a competitive advantage over its counterparts.
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