Nonprofits and Charities, as the names suggest, do not operate to make profits. However, they do need to spread the word so more people are aware of their causes and can contribute in anyway they can. Crownsmen helps these social initiatives to maximize their reach (online or otherwise) and spread awareness amongst the general population.


Helping Hands Vancouver

This was a special project for our firm because it was lead by a group of students from UBC that had previously supported our company’s charitable initiatives. Their core need was a clear direction and a way to distinguish themselves from the many incredible non-profits in their area. We are proud to continue our support for this great cause.
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ISSA (International Society for Social Advancement)

This was a charitable initiative that grew by over 300% in just 4 years. Our team assisted in developing strategic recommendations to increase annual support through online marketing, partnerships, and events. Together we helped send thousands of children Christmas gifts.
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