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How do I market a new product? Does traditional marketing still have a place in a world of digital and online marketing? Is social media a good marketing strategy for commercial, B2B, and industrial companies? These are all great questions about marketing your business that we try to answer. Professional marketers, business consultants, and market researchers give you insight into the how to grow your business, reach new customers, and market your company online. Do you have questions or a topic you would like to see discussed?

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The crazy world of business and marketing can be confusing! So we dive straight in and unpackage marketing secrets and methods that every business needs to know. Marketing Manager (Gaudy Molina) opens the door to how marketing professionals decide on marketing strategies, how they use market research data, and how they execute local and global marketing campaigns. The show is fun, fast, and most of all eye opening! Want to pick the next shows topic?
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There are five primary factors in developing a business or marketing strategy. The first is research to make sure you have the right information. The second, develop a clear business and marketing strategy. Third execute that strategy. Fourth and fifth often go close together, management and training. We cover all of this in detail and from a wide range of professions. Choose the next business or marketing topic.
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The world of business provides jobs, opportunity, and a higher standard of living but not everyone has the same opportunity. It is at heart of our business to support charitable causes that help make the world safer, more educated, prosperous. We hope you will join us in supporting these wonderful causes. Want to get involved?
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We love business and marketing but there are many topics that interest us as a company and as individuals so this is devoted to the random, the happy and sad, the thoughtful, and every other topic that finds a way into everyday conversation.


Crownsmen Partners CEO (Jerrod Downey) gives you a behind the scenes look into the day to day operations of an expanding consulting firm. He offers insights into developing a strong business, strategic planning, and building a winning team. Jerrod also features fellow business owners and business professionals to give you a deeper understanding of the world of business.


Rory Bamford gives you an inside look at the journey of an entrepreneur, the dos and don't every business person should know. He shares his experiences on starting a business and the obstacles he had to overcome to build a successful marketing consulting firm.